Bernese English-language
Amateur Theatre Group

Current Production

  • Lobby Hero

    Lobby Hero

    In the lobby of a Manhattan apartment building, the ambitions and world views of four New Yorkers clash as they each take a stance on the moral dilemmas they face. Through fast and funny dialogues, this drama sensitively interrogates racial biases and sexism and exposes the moral inconsistencies and the conflicted impulses that make us…

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Upstage Calendar 2023

  • Spring production June 1 – 10
  • Autumn production November 17 – 25

Events and News

  • May Play Reading

    May Play Reading

    Set in 1950’s America, the U.S. State just tasked two of their employees to identify sexual deviants within their ranks. The only problem: Bob and Norma who have been tasked with that, are both gay and married each other’s partners to sharade as the perfect «All-American» couples. As hiding gets harder, comedy ensues and sitcom-style…

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  • Autumn Musical Exploratory Sessions

    Autumn Musical Exploratory Sessions

    We are happy to announce that we are working again with Robb Correll to produce a musical in November!

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  • April Play Reading

    April Play Reading

    A mix of absurdist humor and traditional Broadway comedy in the Neil Simon vein, Luv concerns two college friends—misfit Harry and materialistic Milt—who are reunited when the latter stops the former from jumping off a bridge, the play’s setting.

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  • March Play Reading

    March Play Reading

    This epic full-length romp, suitable for a family audience, captures the spirit of Dumas’ classic without slavishly lifting it line by line. It follows D’Artagnan’s quest to become a musketeer against the background of royalist and religious plotting and power struggles — with more than a few laughs on the way.

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  • AGM 2023

    AGM 2023

    Join us to enjoy an apéro, have your say and contribute to the direction of the club.

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